A Video With No Sound (Besides Your Lovely Voice), Can be A Bit Mundane. You Could Even Lose Your Viewers Because You Have Just Bored Them to Tears! Background Audio is an Important Element to Video Presentation. Ever watched a video with only talking in it? Did you feel like you were in an insurance seminar? Audio inside of video is extremely important, and if you aren’t using it, you most likely are not keeping your viewers attention long enough to make your point. You quite simply must include some form of audio in your videos to give them some excitement and pizazz.   This jam packed audio tracks package includes (but is not limited to) the following... Over 100 music clips in a variety of genres and instruments Drumbeats, Horns, Guitar, Violins, Drums, and so many more. We’ve even included sound effects like, wind, thunder, explosions, laughing, clocks, rain, and more, more, more. You can increase your viewing time per visitor by as much as 50, 60, even 70% just by adding some exciting music to your videos. Plus these clips are not just limited to use with videos. You can also use them in any area that you wish, like websites, blogs, emails, the list goes on. You are given full rights of owner/authorship to these tracks, so they are, and always will be royalty free.