Video Skin Templates That Scream - “Watch Me” Turn Your YouTube Videos, Video Testimonials -- Even Video Tutorials Into Unique, Eye-Catching Works Of Art That Even Steven Spielberg And Quentin Tarantino Would Be Proud Of! If you're anything like me, you LOVE watching video on the web. Even better... you're either using video on your own website and blogs right now... or you're seriously thinking about it. It's just too easy not too! And they get results... The truth is... folks love to watch videos on your site. Plus.. the benefits are endless... It increases the time a visitor spends on your website It makes your websites and blogs appear more professional & informative. It increases customer return visits It adds credibility to your offers The search engines love VIDEO! They're just down right entertaining! The list goes on and on... I remember when I added my first video to one of my blogs. I felt like I just leaped to another level in the Internet marketing community. It's not only profitable... It's just plain ole' exciting to have video streaming on your website! AND... It evens out the playing field and allows "small time" Internet Marketers to keep pace with all those "Bigshot" corporations and their endless budgets and resources. Did you know... Utilizing sites like YouTube and Metacafe makes putting videos on your websites and blogs as simple as copying a small piece of code and pasting it on your site. That's it. Instant Video on your site!   And just imagine if there was a way for you to EASILY take things to a whole new level and make your web videos stand "head and shoulders" above all the other videos you see out there on the web? That would certainly give you a huge advantage over any competition you have in your niche.. right? Imagine the huge increases in AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS you can reap just putting a few videos on your site. Most Internet Marketers now offer their affiliates Video Links to their products. The problem is... grabbing your website visitors attention and getting them to actually watch the videos you put on your sites and blogs. And NOW... I've made that process super-simple and irresistible! If You Can "Copy and Paste" That's All You Need To Do To Take Ordinary Videos That Look Like This: 40+ Templates  plus free video tutorials on editing web graphics using free GimP Graphics Editor.